Field Ready® is a programme devised by Getenergy Field- Ready Ltd (UK) and operated under franchise by colleges and polytechnics in countries where there is a real demand for nationals to work in the oil, gas and energy industry. The curriculum contains three components, designed by operating and service companies… 

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Field Ready is a concept developed over 10 years of international meetings, research and publishing by Getenergy Ltd.

The meetings uniquely brought education and training providers into the same forum as oil, gas and contracting companies and governments. It was clear that if a global meeting between education and oil and could be achieved, then opportunities might also exist at the micro level to engage the two sides in the provision of the skills sets needed to make people employable when they leave state institutions.

The Field Ready system involves adapting existing college/polytechnic education and training programmes, adding opportunities for work experience and integrating the development of personal skills to ensure new recruits are ready and able to contribute to the company from the moment they arrive in the field.

For the past two years, that has been precisely the project of Getenergy Field Ready Ltd and its investors, partners and supporters.

The Field Ready project consists of 3 parts. Each part is detailed below and is vital to the Field Ready experience.

Industry companies provide Technical Commissioners, input and scholarship towards the Field Ready programme.  They are involved in designing the curriculum and inputting areas in which they deem vital for employment in the industry.  They work in conjunction with Field Ready to provide personal skill, real world experience and mentoring.
A Technical Commissioner is the vital link between the supporting company and the college/polytechnic operating the Field Ready programme.  They ultimately ‘Commission’ each student whom they believe to be Field Ready at the end of the programme by signing their name next to theirs.  It is the ultimate job reference!
Field Ready students will create a relationship with an active group of employers from the moment they pass their initial assessment. Students will go on to develop their personal skills and receive instruction, insights and input from Industry experts.


We are proud to work alongside those who share our vision.


Field Ready Oil & Gas Training Enrols 11 Ladies

The Get Energy Field Ready training programme, a partnership between the Takoradi Technical University (TTU) and Get Energy Field Ready Limited, a UK-based oil and gas training company, has enrolled the first batch of female engineering students for training in Takoradi.

Ghana News Agency on Field Ready Students

Professor Frank John Eshun, Vice Chancellor of the Takoradi Technical University has indicated that Ghana needs an education system capable of producing people whose contribution would drive new innovative businesses, services and products. “Contemporary technical education must therefore go beyond [...]

Our 4 New Technical Commissioners

Getenergy Field Ready are proud to introduce 4 of our new Technical Commissioners for cohort 2 of the Field Ready programme in Takoradi Ghana. The Technical Commissioners participated in the group and individual interviews for the selection of the next [...]


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